Roof Snow Removal

Regular inspections including snow removal are a critical part of commercial roof maintenance. Academy Roofing professionals can help maintain your roof integrity and prevent damage from heavy loads due to snow. In regions receiving up to several feet of snow during the cold weather season, the accumulated weight becomes a heavy burden on the roof system.


Most building owners want to prevent constant roof issues. You can rely on our experience to maintain your roof systems in accordance with manufacturer warranty requirements and manage safe snow load limits.

Progressive damage due to snow overload occurrences is compounded over time. If not removed properly the roof system can be damaged leading to structural issues and complete failure. Further damage may occur from ice accumulation and snowdrifts resulting in unexpected roof leaks.


A proactive program with Academy Roofing provides inspection, maintenance and necessary repairs of compromised areas due to snow overload, which may result in deformities, ponding water, membrane damage and structural issues. Snow removal should be done with the proper technique and tools to avoid damage to the roof. Academy roofing has the expertise to manage your snow removal needs safely and effectively.


Contact us for guidance and a roof assessment for an appropriate snow removal service plan as part of your roof maintenance program. Emergency service and repairs are also available.