St. Paul School Lindsay Center

  • Location Concord, NH
  • Roof/Systems LEED Certified new roof project includes flat and metal roof systems. Flat Roof: 12,600 SF, .060, White, TPO Fully Adhered Membrane, 7" - 14" Tapered Polyiso Insulation System, CCW 725 Air Vapor Barrier, Dens Deck ½" Overboard and FCC Certified Lumber. Steep Slope Roof: The steep slope roof sections includes 23,000 SF, 20 ounce, Zinc Coated Copper Metal Roof System, CCW 725 Air Vapor Barrier, 5/8 Fire Treated Plywood over metal deck, FFC Certified Lumber, single layer 3.5" Polyiso Insulation, 4.75 Vented Nailboard, 24/board fasteners, layer of CCW WIP 300 HT Ice and Water Shield installed over roof surface and 30 lb. Felt.