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Architectural Metal Fabrication & Details

To stay ahead of the competition, Academy has invested in state-of-the-art, autobrake computerized technology for precision fabrication of metal. And computerized pan-form machinery for accuracy in fabricating metal roofing, metal forming, siding panels and architectural details.

  • Metal Fabrication
  • Metal Panel Roofing
  • Architectural Metal Detailing
  • Precision Metal Forming
  • Exterior Metal Wall Systems
  • Siding Panels
  • Copper Artisan Installations

This advanced metal forming technology enables Academy to provide unique metal fabrication services to accommodate most all design applications. We have the capability to customize architectural details to your project specifications, adding to a buildings aesthetics and equity.

Our metal siding system installations provide proven weatherproofing protection, beauty and enhance the overall look of the building. Consider metal panel siding or exterior wall systems to restore, update or increase your property value for your next renovation or new construction project.